Sheetala ashtami 2015

Sheetala ashtami

Sheetala ashtami 2015

Basoda Or Sheetala Astami Fast. This Hindu Festival Calendar will ashtami help 2015 you to know when your favourite festival will be celebrated in. According to Basoda customs families don' t lit sheetala fire for cooking. Sheetala Ashtami is more popular in North Indian states like Gujarat ashtami Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh. Sheetala Ashtami. Basoda is also known as Sheetala Ashtami. 14th March ( Saturday) Sheetala Ashtami, Basoda : 15th March ( Sunday) Meena Sankranti :. Sheetala ashtami 2015.

Sheetala Ashtami sheetala 15:. March 13,, Friday. Pitru Paksha - Pitru Paksha This year Pitru Paksha begins on Friday September 2015 16, , September 2015 30, ends on Friday . Generally people obse View Hindu calendar, March in English. 2015 Every year there is a new date for the same festival so we can’ t remember festival dates. This 2015 video is sheetala unavailable.
Hindu calendar is important as it is the only way to stay tuned updated about all the upcoming Hindu festivals sheetala sand fasts. Symbolically, Goddess Sheetala ashtami idol also emphasizes the need for cleanliness. Sheetala ashtami 2015. Goddess Sheetla’ s worship begins from Ashtami Tithi in Krishna Paksha ashtami of Chaitra month. or Sheetala Ashtami, is dedicated to Goddess Sheetla in the month of.

Sheetalashtami Sheetala Ashtami is the festival dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Devi observed on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ashtami the eighth day in Chaitra month. Watch sheetala Queue Queue. Sheetla Ashtami is celebrated after a few days from Holi. Sheetala Ashtami Basoda ( बसो डा ) 2015 Puja is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala and celebrated on Krishna Paksha Ashtami after Holi. Infinite festivals , events are sheetala celebrated by Hindus 2015 ashtami , days it is difficult to keep a record of all of sheetala them. * It is ashtami written in sheetala the Skand Purana that donkey is the vehicle of Shitalamata. Usually it falls after eight days of Holi but many people 2015 observe it on first Monday or Friday after Holi. * The most important festival dedicated to her takes place in Chaitra month, the Ashtami day after Purnima ( full moon) in the month is observed as Sheetala Ashtami.

So here is 2015 sheetala the date list of 2015 Hindu Festivals in. Hindu Festivals in. With his blessings one' s desires are fulfilled and one attains spiritual enlightenment. Ahoi Ashtami VratThe Ahoi Ashtami / Ahoi Aathe / Ahoee / Hoee / Hoi / Ahoi festival is specifically me ant for m. Time Of Sheetala Astami Fast. This year Sheetala Ashtami shall fall on ashtami 14 th March Saturday. ashtami In, Sheetalashtami date is March 20. This is Hindu Calendar which lists most Hindu Festivals NCT, Fasting days in year for New Delhi sheetala India. Pradosh means dusk and this fast is kept for propitiating Lord Shiva. If you wish to sponsor any of following Puja Please call Durga Mandir. Home Hindu Calendar Hindu Festivals Hindu Festivals. Get daily panchangam rahu timings, sunrise & sunset timings in March .

Ashtami sheetala

Published on Mar 14, India being a deeply religious country, The godess of smallpox whose ' anger' caused small pox, was worshiped by peole in different regions. Shitala literally means one. Shitala ( Sheetala), also called Sitala ( शी तला śītalā), is a folk deity, worshiped by many faiths in regions of North India, West Bengal, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Sheetala Ashtami starts after the spring season during the month of March. This year, Sheetala Ashtami shall fall on 14th March, Saturday. This day is dedicated to Goddess Shitala.

sheetala ashtami 2015

Sheetla Ashtami also known as Basoda is celebrated after Holi. It is a festival that falls on Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month ( Hindu Calender). This time, Sheetla Ashtami is on March 9,.