Em18 rfid reader module datasheet 1n4001

Module datasheet

Em18 rfid reader module datasheet 1n4001

Datasheet Power- up the module and connect 1n4001 the transmit pin of the module rfid to recieve pin of your microcontroller. The Reader module rfid comes with an on- chip antenna 1n4001 and can be powered up with a 5V em18 power supply. The module radiates 125KHz through its coils datasheet and when a 125KHz passive RFID tag reader is brought into this field it will get energized from this field. EM18 - RFID Reader Module Pinout Equivalents Circuit & Datasheet. This module rfid can work with any 125KHz RFID tags and it can provide UART / Wiegand26 output 1n4001 formats. It 1n4001 can be directly interfaced with a microcontrollor using UART communication and with 1n4001 a PC using a RS232 converter. 125+ kHz+ RFID+ READER+ EM+ 18+ CIRCUIT datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes in em18 pdf format. EM- 18 RFID Reader. This ID information is unique for every TAG which cannot be copied.

Em18 rfid reader module datasheet 1n4001. Working of EM- 18 RFID em18 module. EM18 RFID Reader is reader a module which datasheet reads the reader ID reader information stored in RFID TAGS. These passive RFID tags mostly rfid consist of rfid CMOS IC EM4102 which can get enough power for its working datasheet from the field generated by the reader. The EM- 18 RFID Reader module operating at 125kHz em18 is an inexpensive solution for your RFID based application. This RFID em18 Reader Module works with any 125 KHz RFID tags. EM- 18 RFID Reader is one of the commonly used module for Radio Frequency Identification Projects.

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em 18 rfid reader module datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. ID- 3LA Reader Module Advanced RFID Reader Technology. ID- 3 reader module Datasheet X1 31. D1 1N4001 D2 Red or Green LED. Wholesale Supplier of RF ID Card & Reader Module - EM18 RF ID Module ( 125KHZ), RFID Tag ( Keychain), RFID Reader Card and Smart Card Reader offered by Macnet Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra. RF/ IF and RFID – RFID Reader Modules are in stock at DigiKey.

em18 rfid reader module datasheet 1n4001

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